Graphic design studio founded in 2023. We approach each project as if it were the only one available to show what we can do, ranging in every field that can enhance our creativity. We are inspired by arts, sports, music & subcultures. We hide to reveal to those who know how to look.
Based in Nerviano - Milano, we deal with logo and editorial design, creative direction and branding, in all its facets, structuring a unique and recognizable imagery coherently with the past, present and future direction of the brand.
Our training is technical, our work is essential. Everything we do is based on precise guidelines that we always establish during the briefing phase, they are like a skeleton that we then "dress" with our vision.

Via Enrico Rondanini, 9/a - Nerviano (MI) - Italy // +393472890875 // info@dogmadesignstudio.com
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